Portu-girl Part Three


As my tan starts to fade and I turn a whiter shade of pale I want to bring you my third and final part of my Portu-girl trilogy of posts. In this, I share further buys…

Back at the shops…

After surveying the shops a few days before, we returned to make some purchases at ‘good prices’…It is worth shopping around, get up close and check them out first.  These sunglasses cost me €9 and look waaaaay more expensive.
image (5)
Look four….The last night…

Just because we were being collected from the hotel at 9am, and seeing it was a Saturday night , I had to make an effort for the last evening. Fairly bad photos, the humidity and my camera did not get on…
image (6)
  • Dress – Warehouse bought last year, similar here 
  • Shoes – an old favourite, bought from Cyprus
  • Bangle – Marks and Spencer bought last year, I love this updated version 
Holiday highlights 
Too much ice cream, plenty of cocktails, bit of shopping (of course), enjoyable sightseeing oh and uber amounts of sunshine…
image (7)
I’ve really enjoyed dressing up every night and being able to showcase some of the looks on my blog, I hope you have enjoyed the Portu-girl series…..We are already planning to go back to Portugal next year.
So until next time……Até mais tarde as they say in Praia da Rocha

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