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The 18th June 2014 saw the award ceremony for the Company Style Blogger Awards. Having only blogged for 7 months, I entered the Best Fashion Blog (Newcomer) category, in association with Missguided, and immediately set about promoting my involvement to all of my friends and followers. Unfortunately I didn’t win (congratulations to Pixie Cut and the other winners listed) but am absolutely thrilled to have made the top 10 out of the thousands of entries that they must have received.  I cannot thank everyone enough for their support. To be nominated for the award is the biggest achievement after such a small amount of time blogging and has really given me a firm push in the right direction. I still can’t quite believe that I was lucky enough to be nominated and if you were there to support me, the biggest thank you goes out to you. I could not have done it without you.

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So to the outfit which btw was only purchased at 5.00pm on the day (I know my obsession with being organised went right out of the window!!!!!) My excuse was that I had been on holiday 2 weeks previously and have been feeling quite poorly this week.

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Laser Cut Hem Dress – Label Lab at House of Fraser (in the sale) was £75.00 reduced to £22.50

Necklace – Next – £12

Shoes – Ted Baker

The evening started off a disaster, 3 (that’s the amount of tubes I had to let go as the tubes were sooooo jammers) later and suddenly realised that I had gone to the wrong Oval!!! Yes I did make this mistake, this is no joke (if only) and serves me right for not checking the address properly, doh!.  Suddenly realising at 6.40pm (event started at 6.30pm)  that I should be in Bethnal Green!!! Which was nowhere near. I hopped back onto another 2 tubes and a walk (which wasn’t that far but after the journey from hell that I had already encountered felt like miles away) and voila I was at the venue, fashionably late as they say……………


Having never been to an awards ceremony I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The evening was a well planned event. As well as pink Champagne and a cocktail filled bar with lots of seating, there was a hair team on standby to style everyone’s luscious locks and a nail bar which had a humungous queue.  Everyone was dressed to the max, neon, floral, statement shoes, big bling.  You name it there was a variety of styles.  The Missguided team were there to show case festival fashion as well just in time for summer, which was uber cool.  I liked the photobooth idea which they had last year (the power of google you can find out anything) so I missed that for this year.

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At the end, everyone also left with a goodie bag worth £50 packed to the brim with treats.

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I liked the little deck chairs on the veranda outside which was a nice touch as the sun was shining.

Thank you so much to everyone who organised the event, helped choose the winners and was involved in some way.   But my biggest thank you goes out to everyone who voted and has supported my blog for the past 7 months as well as Company Magazine and the Miss guided team. Fingers crossed that perhaps The British Fashionista can win an award in the future……………

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