10 Things I’ve learned from other Fashion Bloggers

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1. Social Media Is key – set up a separate twitter/facebook/Instagram account for your blog. Find retweeters on twitter who help advertise you and your blog? Remember to follow Friday as well. Don’t just like, comment on posts on Instagram as it engages others and helps you gain more followers. Pinterest is also great for inspiration, keep pinning…..

2. Sites such as what I wore today and today I’m wearing are great for seeing where garments are from as users tag items in their photos.  It is also a useful tool to promote you as well. OOTD’ (outfit of the day) posts can be a great way to show your readers your style and the outfits that you’re wearing. If you don’t have time to write a blog post every day then doing an OOTD roundup at the end of the week is a go

3. Try to limit yourself when spending as it can slowly start to spiral out of control, keeping up to date with the latest trends.  Doing a shopping haul type of post is a great way to let your readers know where you shop and where some of the best pieces are being sold at the moment. You can always sell them on DEPOP eventually and get some money back…..

4. Don’t worry if you get writers block, it happens to us all.

5. Guest posts – It’s not just brands that might want to partner with you as other bloggers may get in touch too. The concept of having another blogger contribute to your blog for you – and vice versa – is called guest posting and is a good way to reach a different audience and introduce some new ideas from a different viewpoint to your readers.

6. The #fbloggers chats are full of useful tips and friendly bloggers. Making strong connections and friendships with other bloggers is one of the most effective ways to help your blog and professional name grow.

7. Patience – it is really frustrating when you put in so much effort to your blog and get limited response. Keep at it as the hard work does pay off.

8. A good camera is really important. Getting accurate and clear photographs is so important so definitely invest in a good camera.

9. Checking out some reviews of a fashion piece, accessory, jewellery or footwear can help you decide before you buy.

10. Finding blogs you love can inspire you so much, and help your own blog.

What tips/things have you learnt since you started blogging?


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