Depop is a fun new way to buy and sell items from a smartphone. Free to download, users upload stylish mobile images and details of items they’d like to sell to the Depop marketplace for the community to view. It’s a fast, simple and social way to discover new and interesting items for sale. Depop shoppers can follow sellers, like and comment on items for sale and chat directly with sellers before they buy. All transactions are made using PayPal so security is assured. And you can also look at what is on offer on their Facebook page.

Fashion bloggers are increasingly turning their attention and wardrobe to Depop in return for followers, trends and cash!

What is Depop? – Depop is the most fun way to buy and sell straight from your pocket. Sell your stuff by simply taking a picture.


I have always been a lover of ebay but the whole being outbid at the last minute and prices going sky high for that sold out zara necklace is über frustrating. The growing trend of depop has caught my attention, which has been caught on by a number of prominent stylish UK fashion bloggers!

But what does this really mean?

It means when you have a fashionista such as the Emma Hill (@ejstyle) promote an item for sale on Depop, you snap it up instantly! You love her style and the opportunity to rock something that she is selling is too tempting.

Follow me on depop…


Why is Depop so appealing?

First of all it is a social app and provides you with the opportunity to follow and buy items from the people you want to at discounted prices. If you find someone worthy of your hard earned £££’s then you follow and wait for something to tickle your fancy; the chance to buy that gorgeous Chanel bag is a very seductive reason to join Depop. I love that prices are set so no haggling required.

So why not download the app today and join the FASHION BUYERS CLUB.


@depopmarket @Ems_EJSTYLE

And finally a word of caution… The iPhone app gets 4.5 stars out of 5, while the android version gets a bit of a panning and only gets 3 so…



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