Broadsheet Fashion

I get inspiration from a lot of places, celebrities who I think are stylish like Olivia Palermo and Millie MackIntosh, glossy magazines such as Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, exhibitions that I attend like Paul Smith, Isobella Blow’s Alexander McQueen, and Gaultier, but I also read a lot of fashion columns and find that the stylish inches in the broad sheets are a wonderful source for new ideas. So in this post, in honour of the lady and gentlemen reporters for the fashion sections of the Telegraph, the Guardian and the Independent, I will take a look at their current content in a post I am calling….


So where to start?


The Fashion of the Indie is hidden away in the LIFE section on the front page and is very much in keeping with my idea for The British Fashionista. In today’s edition you can see:

  • Collaborations (something I have posted about on numerous occasions): Lancome’s collaborations with Parisien designers
  • Fascinators: What to wear to the races (A recent post for Ladies Day at Ascot)
  • Professor Louise Wilson (see my obit)
  • Karl Lagerfeld (a mainstay on here)
  • The two YSL films (I discussed these here and on Twitter)
  • and Swimsuits (again… a recent post) and including my personal favourites from Seafolly to ASOS.

It is as if I should work there…

The Independent in a Nutshell

There is a nice piece here too on Bicester Village and an interview with JPG that I both enjoyed, having recently attended the Gaultier show at the Barbican, and just love heading to the outlets whenever I can. And I really like their GET THE LOOK articles. They are a must read when trying to find the right look for the right budget.


I do find the Telegraph to be a little ad heavy. Ok, I know that the ads are for something that we girls want, like the current campaign for the new Louis Vuitton LockIt bag, but the ads are the background wallpaper, the banner, in amongst the articles.



Now, there is a set of articles I always seek out in the Telegraph, the I-Spied section, which is a little like a collective version of my London Fashion Week posts.



Currently on The Telegraph fashion pages you will find:

  • What to Wear to the race (hmmm dea-vu)
  • The Cannes Film festival. (I wrote a piece on this but missed the opportunity to post to didn’t publish)
  • The New Balance – Karl Lagerfeld lawsuit
  • Kendall Jenner
  • More ads (This time for Jimmy Choo sunglasses)
  • Even more ads (for all the popup stores the Telegraph promotes)


The Fashion in The Guardian is under the banner of Life and Style and includes Men’s fashion, buy of the day, a lot of how to videos, and business news. In the business news there is a dark cloud over ASOS with a profits warning, and the Burberry Chief Exec is awarded £15million in shares, lucky boy.


Readable a the moment, including in the archives titled You May Have Missed… you will see:

  • The New Balance-Karl Lagerfeld story again
  • Swimsuits again
  • Office wear for the older lady
  • Lauren Laverne’s fashion tips
  • And a really interesting piece on the University of Brighton’s Faculty of Art graduate show.

There is plenty to read in all the newspaper, but the broadsheets have got my eye due to the diversity and quality that I too try to bring to my readers. I would check them out if I were you. You could take this advice as if it had come from a style Bible but then, of course, we know what becomes of today’s newspapers…



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