Buy Zara clothes at a fraction of the cost, and get a flight thrown in…

If you’re a lover of Zara like me than this post is a must read… Zara sells stock in its native country far cheaper than here, so wait until you get there if you’re planning a trip to…


The price difference is huuuggggge. The pound price is often higher than the euro price before you even convert the currency (which further cheapens the euro price).

And while you can’t get English delivery from its Spanish website, it gives you the option to select ‘English’ as the language so you can browse in advance for pricing research purposes.

In fact, with budget airline prices as cheap as they are, if you were planning a Zara stock-up, it may be cheaper to find a dirt-cheap Spanish flight and go purchase an armload.

Using an exchange rate converter to convert at the top card rate, this shows the pound cost of this jacket is currently £81. It’s £50 cheaper than the same jacket bought in the UK. Madness. It just doesn’t add up.


This is especially powerful as Zara rarely gives out vouchers or discount codes. To get reductions you’re reliant on waiting for things to move into the sale – so there are only limited opportunities for reductions on full-price goods.


CREWNECK COAT  69.95 (converts to £56.91). Price on UK site £79.99.

LEATHER CLUTCH WITH FRINGES €79.95 (converts to £64.70). Price on UK site £119.95, so almost half price (47% cheaper) in Spain.

CROSSOVER STUDIO DRESS WITH BELT €60 (converts to £48.50). Price on UK site £79.95, so 40% cheaper in Spain.

It can be seen clearly here.


On average, Zara in Spain is 39% cheaper (at current exchange rates)




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