Mulberry’s very own Save versus Spree


So I think the smart and savvy  sales executives at Mulberry must be readers of the British Why? Well, the high end purveyor of delectable handbags has not been doing well of late according to the press. Terrible Christmas figures in the UK, losing the multi-talented creative director Emma Hill and a drop in the sales of the Alexa bag to the ever-growing Korean market has forced the company to issue a profits warning as it’s shares took a plunge in 18 months from £25 to £7 per share. But fear not, the maker of delicious arm candy has taken my advice (JK) and decided to do their very own Save versus Spree, and I am not talking about the new Alexa range.

Alexa and her Alexa

Alexa and her Alexa

Classic, practical and ‘affordable’ – that appears to be the message behind the soon-to-be-launched line of Mulberry bags, named Tessie. I mean, the Tessie, that comes in a multitude of colours, shapes and materials are not exactly giveaway at between £600-£800, but they are going to be a lot less than the beauties on the rest of the shelves in store.



And, to show you just how much of a save the new Tessie is, here are a few choice Spree items from our friends at Mulberry.


And for all of you wondering about the bag designed for Alexa Chung, the Alexa, here is a mouthwatering selection.





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