Kurt Geiger: The Fashionista Footwear Icon


We cannot escape the fact that over the last few years ZARA has produced the most iconic fashionista must-haves from the studded sleeved applique coat, to the over-sized tartan scarf. Their buyers and designers have always been on top of their game and you often see ZARA items SOLD OUT in stores and online selling on EBay for twice the price.


Last year, although it seems a lot longer ago, I went searching for what the internet thought fashionistas wanted (See the article here). I went on EBay and put in the term and was greeted with ZARA, ZARA and guess what? Yes, more ZARA.

Performing the same search today there has been a shift in designer and, while you will see Zara here and there, all the fashionista sales point to one man when it comes to footwear.


Kurt Geiger is massive now. Every girl in the City wears Zara, Michael Kors on the arm, and Kurt Geiger on her feet. It is almost a uniform. On EBay, when searching for fashionista you get the current trends illustrated quite clearly. It’s a simple as 1-2-3.

1. Wedge sandals are big, in particular bejeweled.
2. Snakeskin is the fashionista fabric of the moment.
3. The high heeled statement boots are a wardrobe must-have.



And who are we to argue?

So here are the current offers on EBay. Statement boots for £30 instead of £400, snakeskin aplenty, and wedges upon wedges. Do take a look.

Today's offerings on KG on EBay

Today’s offerings on KG on EBay

@Kurt_Geiger @ZARA @eBay_UK


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