Cutting Edge: Presicion Laser Cut Fashion

Laser Cutting on the Catwalk

Laser Cutting on the Catwalk

This was a trend last Spring, when very precisely cut fabrics would appear on the catwalk and then the streets. It was not huge in London, especially the city, but there would be the odd piece here and there that alluded to the idea that something innovative was appearing, but not being fully adopted.

Technology has always been a huge part of the industry, with scientists giving us new fabrics (NYLON, Viscose etc) over the years, as well as new manufacturing, printing and dying techniques. And laser cutting it another of these. It allows very precise patterns to be cut from fabric to great affect and can work very well on boots, bags, the top layer of dresses and also as a statement or feature of a garment, that could take the place of a pattern, or a change in fabric, or lace or frills.

clothesI am writing this now and not then for a several reasons: 1. I did not have the blog last Spring. Duh! 2. I spotted a really cool pair of laser cut tan ankle boots on a Fashionista on the train the other day and it triggered the memory before 3. I saw this from this season’s Roberto Cavalli collection.


Roberto Cavalli Laser Cut separates and Resort dress

The boots I am seriously considering now that the weather is getting better in the UK. They have such an amazing level a detail that would cost a lot more if done by hand. Imagine the filigree work needed on a pair of shoes and how much a designer would charge, when the laser you just program (I am guessing) and then it can churn out perfect cuts each and every time with no human error.


Now all our favourite stores (ASOS, Farfetch, Net-A-Porter) and designers (Cavalli, McQueen, Ferragamo) will carry laser cut pieces, and I think this year they will feature a lot more than last, and will only be more and more the norm in the future. Laser cutting is sci-fi clothing now and it can give us beautiful, precise designs for a fraction of the cost.



So keep an eye out when shopping, if you want detail, this is a precise as it gets. Now, I am off to find those boots.



@Roberto_Cavalli @ASOS @farfetch @NETAPORTER


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