Patterened Pants


A few years ago, if someone would have said to me I’d be wearing patterned pants I would have thought them strange!  Yet in just under 3 weeks time I shall be donning a pair of patterned pants.  I always thought patterned pants were solely for my hippy chic fashionista’s. I absolutely love my trusty old jeans whether dressing them up or down and until now have not been brave enough to wear Aztec print pants.

So following on from my “Holiday Shop Sunday”, I was browsing the holiday section in Matalan and saw these boho chic trousers and smugly put them into my shopping basket. Well for £14 they are a bargain – even if I just get 4 wears out of them that makes them £3.50 a wear.

Here is the British Fashionista’s take on patterned pants and how I am styling the look for my hollibobs. 


Top from Matalan, Trousers from Matalan, Necklace from Pull and Bear, Sandals from Primark.
My first pair… It’s fair to say I’m attached to them in a big way………

  1. Because they were £14
  2. I know I will have numerous wears out of them.
  3. They are light to wear and pack! (Remember 15kg suitcase allowance!!!)
  4. Because they go well with black (aka most of my wardrobe)

Here are some of my #stylesisters rocking the Aztec look


@Matalan @Pull_and_Bear @Primark


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