It’s not a secret that I am shortly off on my hollibobs for sunnier climbs…For weeks now I have been thinking about what to take with me, what I need etc etc. Being super organised is also helpful in stopping me from those panic purchasing moments.  Well that’s my excuse anyway…….. I think half the problem with packing is that I have wayyyyyyy to much stuff to take and need not to purrrr-chase anymore.
It is not just a question of getting it in

It is not just a question of getting it in

Admittedly I have been buying over the last few weeks a few new bits and bobs to top up on my existing holiday wardrobe (this is where the problem starts) but not really re-grouping on what I have actually got currently. With a 15kg case limit (and just one per person), the chosen outfits have to really go with a small selection of shoes and accessories.  I have all of the above items but at the moment they are not proving interchangeable. Should I care what people think if everything I wear doesn’t match. Unfortunately I do care.

woman with suitcase

It’s really a question of what to take

I also always try not to over pack as I always stumble across some great pieces whilst I’m away and then freak out when it all needs to make a return journey back in my somewhat now small bulging suitcase.
With this in mind here are my top things to consider;
  • Do you really like the “said piece”.  The amount of time I think I like something and return home wondering why I liked it.  Clever mirrors and lighting in changing rooms can be deceiving.
  • Be organised. This will stop the majority of panic buys.
  • Is it lightweight and rollable (think dresses here that can be rolled to fill up space and are light).
  • Wardrobe management – do you have a duplicate item already
  • Think do I really need them.  Need and want is different.
  • When having a panic twinge, consider will I wear it in the future. Is the item “fashionable” now and will be so last season next year.  Fashionable pieces are all well and good now but classic timeless pieces that will never date are better and are also more cost effective.
  • Take your mum out shopping with you – she will tell you if you need it!
  • Avoid primark!!!!!, cheap and cheerful doesn’t mean you necessarily need them. The £4 sandals together with the 20 other pairs you already have does not make it ok to buy them.
  • Stick by the I have visited it 3 times rule. If you like it on the third visit then it’s a sticker! If you are panic buying you haven’t gone back to the item 3 times!!!!
  • Remember to return ‘unwanted’ goods as you know they will only gather dust with tags on in your wardrobe.


Panic Buying…
Obviously I still have just under 4 weeks to go however that means 3 Saturdays and 3 Sundays left to panic buy!!!! Let’s hope I stay true to my word. Now where did I leave my credit cards?

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