Manomai Giveaway

So I was surprised and a little excited to find out that I had won a giveaway competition courtesy of Isabella and Manomai. All I had to do was retweet, I didn’t have to answer any multiple choice questions, just retweet, simple as that. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, Easter to be precise when I decided I had had enough of eating Easter eggs and decided to do my other favourite past time and log into twitter, only to find this message from Isabella confirming that I had won 3rd prize.
Third prize was cream from Manomai.  Manomai are based in Thailand and bring an entirely new approach to natural skincare. Manomai have created a range of moisturising face creams exclusively formulated to work in harmony with the skin type, matching your blood group. Manomai moisturisers contain only the highest-quality natural ingredients, specifically blended to gently boost the skin’s defences and restore natural genetic rhythm.
The results include:

• Radiant, healthy-looking skin (who doesn’t want that!)
• Fewer outbreaks of spots and acne (again who doesn’t want that)
• Long-term defence against the signs of ageing (yep this cream is sounding better by the minute).


All I had to do was email my address and blood group type and voila the parcel arrived this morning #excited.


Thank you both x

@isabellamaria88 @MANOMAI_CREAM


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