En Brogue

Brogues from White Stuff

Brogues from White Stuff

I think like most people when you think of shoes from Clarks, you will immediately associate them with middle aged women buying them.  You would be wrong !!!! as over the last few years Clarks shoes have undergone a revamp and have been getting more and more on trend by starting to appeal to the younger generation.  I admit I used to go to Clarks as a younger British Fashionista, having my feet measured on that manual foot machine thingy.  Oh back in the day………

I had seen all the bloggers wearing brogues on Pinterest and decided I had to own a pair too.


I purchased these hamble oak brogues in this gorgeous deep wine colour during the winter months from clarks and am pleased to say they are still in stock.  Sadly I couldn’t find my colour in stock but they have plenty of other different colours to choose from.

I bought them in a 5.5 as they come up generous on the sizing. although I am usually a size 6. Admittedly they take some breaking in as they are very sturdy shoes. I managed to get 20% off as they were having an in store deal.  The shoes originally cost £55.00, and with the 20% off it certainly was worth investing in.  These shoes are perfect as they cover your foot just right. Word of advice, don’t tie the laces up so tight!

Not only are you paying for the look and the premium leather, you are also paying for the comfortableness of these shoes because of the Softwear dual density cushion in the shoes. They are also perfect to wear with jeans or a skirt this Spring/Summer 2014.

My Brogues

My Brogues

Every store carries Brogues now, you do not have to go to Clarks, but if you are on the lookout for something a little special, that will go ideally with a summer outfit then look here at our good friends at ASOS for these stunning pastels.


@clarksshoes @ASOS


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