Supermarket Chic

So when you think of Tesco and Sainsbury’s what immediately springs to mind?!? Food.  But now possibly fashion as well.  I have to say I am a great advert for supermarket clothing, and am partial to picking up a dress or two whilst doing my weekly shop!!!!. Along with my pint of milk and loaf of bread, often a jacket or bag is seen in my trolley.  In fact the last 3 times I have visited Tesco, I have purchased an item of clothing!!!!.  And now tend to make a beeline to the clothing department before even starting my weekly shop.  And what better, is that you get Tesco points as well.  Often you can redeem points for vouchers off of clothing. Double bonus!

The supermarkets have definitely upped their anti with regards to clothes, shoes and accessories.  No longer is the stigma of dowdy supermarket fashion but instead on trend pieces which are both affordable and fashionable.  Competing with the high street is of a premium and I personally think that they have got it exactly right in terms of cost and trend.  Tesco in particular always have fab new up to date collections. I also love their basic ranges and I find the quality much better than Primark and other cheaper high street stores.


It is official, supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s have successfully made their mark within the fashion industry with their brands F&F, George and Tu. This has been achieved through a number of strategies including product diversification, segmented marketing, expansion in international markets, and increased online presence and TV advertisements. This has resulted in each supermarket to gain a strong consumer base for their clothing range. The likes of celebrities like Gok having his own range in Sainsbury’s must have upped their exposure to the fashion world. Chic tailoring, elegant styling and hidden nips and tucks that flatter any figure are qualities you would normally associate with designer frocks, or the higher end of the High Street. Not any more, according to Sainsbury’s. Its new range from Gok for Tu claims to use clever tricks and body-enhancing tailoring techniques such as anti-wrinkle linings and hidden control panels for a luxury look. Just recently it was reported that Sainsbury’s falling food and drinks sales are being propped up by the success of its clothing range. Astonishingly, it is now the UK’s seventh-biggest clothing retailer.


So when Chanel (NB, uba high-class fashion house) staged their Autumn Winter show on a supermarket inspired catwalk the fashion world was amazed but delighted. Finally we can all be cool just by getting the weekly food shop in. Never one to conform, Karl Lagerfeld pulled out all the stops with his latest collection, ensuring that it would be a collection to remember.  True to form it was.


It’s certainly got its fashion fans, me being one of them. I have to say I am a H-U-G-EEEEEE F&F fan and cannot get enough pieces from the collection.So can you really buy a well-tailored outfit next to the fruit and veg aisle? And do the clothes live up to the hype? The British Fashionista has put them to the test.


Crepe Jacket – F and F

Cobalt Dress – F and F

Look Book 13

Look Book 13 Starred the F and F floral dress

Flower Dress – F and F

The answer is a definite YES




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