Today I picked up Issue 2 of Because Magazine why? Because it talked about the new pop-up magazine and because of the new free app that brings the fashion on the pages to life.

How does it work?

The free app called FASHION SCAN can be downloaded from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. This effectively turns your phone into a scanner. You hold the phone over the an article where you see the triangular neon pink Scan* icon.


Why do this?

Because these icons are going to be everywhere, like the NEOs. They will be in magazines, and billboards. And what does it do?


After installing, open a magazine and find articles with the SCAN* icon. Press START SCANNING and your phone starts working as a scanner. It then picks out parts of the image you are scanning, works out which one it is and then goes to the webpage where you then get to see the linked content, such as articles and videos and runway footage.


Teething Troubles?

This is new technology, I guess and it is having teething troubles. Why do I say this? Because  whenever I scan an image in Issue 2 of Because Magazine  the video only appears in the top 3rd of my screen and does not expand to fill the screen when I turn my phone on it’s side. Still, I think this is a very, very cool app and a way of advertising and making additional content available without making the magazine as big as a phone book or the September Issue of Vogue.


I think it is going to catch on, so get up to speed with the technology, download the app FASHION SCAN and start scanning today.

And the magazine itself?

I am flicking through the magazine and I am seeing a lot of good, and a lot of stuff I would not ordinarily seek out. Shorter articles, with a single photo that you, YES, YOU GOT IT, scan, and then are shown extra content. There is a mix of fashion with Calvin Klein’s boyfriend jeans (a personal fave), the Prada Double Bag and the current Sport and Metallic trends that I saw at the London Fashion Weekend all getting a mention.

There is plenty of room for growth. And maybe I will touch base when there is more content. Can I see the idea catching on? Yes, because it’s brilliant.


@FashionScanApp @becausemagazine


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