Chic of the Week #4

For my Weekend Fashion fix, I thought I’d share my new Ted Baker-esque mules. Mules for Spring 2014 are one of the hottest trends this season. I am also loving the recent change in weather and the lighter evenings – Spring is officially well and truly on its way, horrah. With this being said, I thought I would show you my latest purchase in preparation for the warmer weather. I also always like to update my wardrobe as the seasons change and as there’s so much lovely new stock on the high street right now, I couldn’t resist this PRIMARK purchase…
Now, I know there’s somewhat of a stigma around shopping in Primark but personally I am a fan…… They are always ahead of the curve in the fashion stakes.   Sometimes it can be bad however as dressing head to toe in ‘Primarni’ (I hate that word) can sometimes look awful, but personally I like to mix and match with other brands.  I know a lot of people really don’t like Primark shoes but I saw these for £3 and thought if I only wear them once it wouldn’t matter for the price.   They feel comfy despite the rubbery feel and look similar in style to the ted baker bow bag.  I bought the large as I am a size 6 in shoe and they just fit.

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