Eco doesn’t have to mean tie dye, the latest crop of conscious collections have plenty of style as well as sustainability. #green


Does it ever bother you when you think about where your clothes came from? Or how they have been made? Ethical fashion has come such along way since pioneers such as Anita Roddick opened The Body Shop.  This is because the major brands now recognise how important sustainable fashion is to their customers, it is now much easier to make socially responsible and environmentally friendly style an everyday part of our shopping habits. My two favourites are ASOS and stella McCartney who I love for their ethical eco credentials – and because they are creating genuinely amazing and wearable pieces.

ASOS Green Room

ASOS has a fantastic ‘green room’ which houses a wide range of brands. Local designers, recycled pieces, organic and Fair trade are key things to look out for. The Green Room also houses a range of Made in the UK pieces supporting local manufacturers, alongside their ASOS AFRICA collection.  Visit the here

Stella McCartney

An avid animal rights campaigner, Stella McCartney is at the forefront of high end designer chic with a conscience; she never, ever uses leather or fur.



Biodegradable sole

H and M have today launched a Conscious Collection.  Officially inspired by romantic Swedish folklore – I am officially smitten. But more lies beyond the obviously gorgeous visual aspect of the collection. It is  made from recycled wool, organic cotton and linen. I cant wait to hit the stores and see the pieces.
Recycled polyester, leather and plastic

Recycled polyester, leather and plastic

H&M’s Long Live Fashion campaign

If you’ve got something worn or out of style – don’t throw it away. H and M are asking you to bring In your unwanted garments of any quality and in any condition into any H&M store and they will reward you with a £5 voucher off your next purchase to help reduce the amount of fashion being wasted. Every year, tones of textiles end up in landfills so this is a great way to help the environment and clear some space in that wardrobe of yours.

The H&M Campaign in the Metro

The H&M Campaign in the Metro


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