The British Fashionista’s Birthday Wish List


Blow them out and make a wish!

Hi lovelies

You may or may not know that it’s my birthday this month and I reach the grand old age of 36! Yikes I remember when that sounded old!! To be honest, I’m trying to be sensible when asking for birthdays gifts and have asked most people for money or vouchers so I can hit the shops pre holiday in June. I’m trying not to buy anymore Winter clothes now although saying that on my wish list is a coat!!! However, of course there’s still a few bits I’d love to have for my birthday. The trouble is usually if I see something I like I immediately buy it which proves problematical when people want to buy me presses. Some of the wish list is pricey but hey “aim high” I say.

What are you lusting for right now? Me? Other than “ALL OF THE ABOVE!” I am thinking about one of this super fashionista cakes from Sweet-cakes and customdessertshop.
@ASOS @Balmain @ALDO_Shoes @melissaodabash @ZARA @NEUW333 @Topshop @Debenhams

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