Miracle Cream


So I am not one for doing a beauty blog post #bblogger but I had to mention Sudacrem.  I am prone to dry, excema skin and have tried lots of ointments and creams but this one seems to really work. Well every girl has her beauty secrets and this is definitely mine. It’s undeniable that Sudocrem is a popular product, and I assume that everybody reading this has used Sudocrem at some point or another in their life, whether it’s when you were a baby, or in later life for one of it’s many other purposes, but how many of you would regard it as a beauty essential and could not be without it and it’s wonders…………

Superdrug say it, “Maintains healthy skin. Ideal for spot prone skin, after sun and irritations. Soothes and protects.”


If you want to know an interesting little fact about Sudocrem then when I Googled it to find out what the average price of it is for reference in this blog post, what came up from my search was a little article from back in March by The Daily Mail titled ‘The Latest Beauty Must Have? A £2.99 Tub Of Nappy Rash Cream?‘ and yes – The Daily Mail is correct, this tub of ‘nappy rash cream’ is indeed a beauty must-have. Apparently, according to this article, Superdrug’s sales of this little tub have risen over 150% since February 2011 which is quite astonishing really ..perhaps it’s due to it’s guest appearance on an episode of TOWIE? Or maybe just more down to the fact that it’s a brilliant, bargain buy that has more than just a few multi-purpose functions and does the same, if not better, job than many other different products that are out there on the shelves right now. One tub of this will last literally years; when I say that ‘a little goes a long way’ I mean it to the absolute extreme.

This little gem has especially been brought to my attention recently in attempt to soothe dry skin so I have been slathering on the Sudocrem and it’s really helped to reduce redness and irritated excema and calm the area as it is a natural antiseptic. It doesn’t really ever sink into the skin, it sits on the surface until rubbed away and it definitely can be washed off the face or hands just with warm water, a gentle cleanser or soap for removal.

Sudocream is used mainly for ‘nappy rash, eczema and dry skin’ as problems that it is perfect for giving a helping hand to, but more recent packages have a broader list of uses which include the likes of ‘minor burns” and more importantly ‘acne’. Sudocream is good for your average, everyday, run of the mill spots; the kind that everybody gets from time to time. This product is a favourite spot cream of Cheryl Cole’s, and also mine, and really works as an overnight treatment applied directly onto the affected area. It’s an extremely fast working process and dramatic results can be noted in the morning with huge reductions in redness and inflammation. This is one of my very favourite dry skin/spot treatments.

Although most people would probably know of it as “nappy rash cream” !!!!!! Sudocream is the cream of all creams, for me it’s such a fantastic product,  as its benefits are brilliant, and some that  you might find surprising! Before last week I’d never had even thought about putting Sudocrem on my face. And why not? Sudocrem creates a barrier on your skin stopping any nasties getting onto your skin so this is why you should use it after you have cleansed other wise you could potentially be trapping dirt in. It’s also an antiseptic causing inflamed areas to reduce in redness. To me this cream is like a Miracle Cream.”




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