Mother’s Day


Forget Valentine’s Day and Christmas, the most important day is Mother’s day (in terms of gift giving anyway) because your mum should be the most important person to you (or at least should be top 3!). She’s the person who’s always there for you, who only wants what’s best for you… even if she is super annoying at times, remember mums are always right as well!!!!!. I don’t know about your mum, but my mum never buys anything for herself. She saw a nice bag while she was out? She won’t think about getting it. A nice top caught her eye? She’ll walk away unless she really really needs it rather than WANTS it. That’s why I like to get my mum things whenever I can.

So with Mother’s Day fast-approaching, ignore the “Save your money, dear” and “Don’t worry about me, buy yourself something nice” line. Mother’s Day gift ideas just got easy.

No one is going to be upset with this selection of  home gifts. From the packaging to the gorgeous scents, these brands are all about simple, straightforward luxury.

A relaxing treat: she needs to relax after having to put up with you all those years.

Buy a voucher from* and pay £20 for a spa day – some include couples’ experiences, but mostly, it’s treatments such as massages, facials and pedicures at 42 venues in England and Scotland.  You have until 10am Mon 31 Mar to buy the voucher and you’ll then need to call the spa to book a date. Depending on the venue and treatment you choose, the voucher’s valid for three to six months. What are you waiting for…

Women everywhere love scarves as they’re an effortless way to add a pop of colour or a refined finish to an outfit. Opt for a lightweight fashion scarf for the new season.

What would a day out be without your mum overturning her bag in the search for her purse? These everyday essentials are the easiest and most stylish way to say thank you.

Sandals, flats or heels – whatever seasonal variation you go for, I guarantee that she’ll be delighted with this choice. (Disclaimer: Unless your mum isn’t a shoe person. In which case you’re on your own). Look for printed and textured flats for on-trend chic.


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