5000 Thank Yous!

So something happened today! TheBritishFashionista.com had it’s 5000th hit!

5000This is really exciting and I am so happy to have reached this milestone by writing about my passion for fashion. Looking back at the start of the blog at my first post in November it is amazing how much fun the adventure has been and to share it with so many people from all over the world is truly astonishing.

Where are the Readers from?

The readers are from a fantastic 84 countries. 84! There are only 194 recognised countries in the world, so that is over a third of the countries in the world represented. In Europe, only Cyprus has not read my blog. Come on, Cyprus! Keep up!


From all 5 continents people have tuned in to my posts, and I am so grateful.


And what Have I done?

I have attended London Fashion Weekend and sat front row, I have been to the Design Museum to see Paul Smith’s exhibition, Somerset House to see Alexander McQueen’s clothing at the Isabella Blow exhibit, as well as writing my popular weekly themed posts: LFW, K Loves and my favourite, Look Books. But that is what I liked, what did the readers like?

The Top 10 Posts

The top post was, by a long way, my piece on the coming trends for the new season. With the wonderful colour wheel.


Followed by

2. The Review of Porter Magazine.

3. My quest for the Zara Applique Coat.

4. My dedication to Christine Lagarde, the woman at the heart of international finance, with the most amazing bag collection.

5. Jeanius.

6. My dip into boy’s fashion with the Eugene McGuinness look book.

7. The Over the Knee boots trend.

8. The H&M Collaborations with famous high end designers.

9. The BBC Haute Couture documentary review.


10. The heart print blouse.

I hope you had as much fun reading the pages as I did writing them.


What can I say? THANK YOU! Thank you all! And here is to the next 5000 hits!



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