K Look Book #9

So today is Friday (woo!) and the sun is shining (double woo!) so I decided to check out the delights of borough market for lunch.  Nom nom nom… I love borough market with its eclectic mix of people visiting and the aroma of all of the different foods is just A-M-AZING.

Today’s outfit is very casual as it is dress down Friday.  Whilst walking out of Borough Market I was lucky enough to be picked out of the crowds by a lady who was filming for Which? magazine and needed, and I quote “cool” unquote people to interview next Friday. Unfortunately I am in Barcelona next week (I may have mentioned this once or twice this week!!!! :-)) Watch this space for Barcelona post btw.

Look Book

I’m not one for trainers as I am not a casual kinda girl but as they are so in fashion at the moment I couldn’t resist donning my Converse All Stars.  I have to say they are so comfortable and although they are white and will get dirty quickly, i don’t mind – who wants bright white spanking new trainers, not me. The leather jacket is from last year from Zara.  Buy one similar here.

I can’t stop wearing my Marc Jacobs glasses, one because I can’t see very well without them ! but two because they are sooooooooo cool. I bought them from Boots opticians at Lakeside.  I love that they look black from far away but close up they are actually tortoise shell which goes perfectly with my skin tone. This bag from I bought for London fashion weekend from Jaeger and haven’t stopped using it, it comes everywhere with me. This scarf is from Daniel Footwear. Leopard never goes out of fashion and this scarf comes out every season come rain or shine. Top is from Select FashionSkinny jeans are from New Look.

And I also made 300 followers today as well, so there is something to celebrate. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.


@OfficeShoes @NewLookFashion @marcjacobs @SelectFashion @ZARA @danielfootwear @JaegerOfficial @Converse


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