LFW #9 London Fashion Week


Monday It was a bold start to the week with plain blouses and blouses under plain sweaters twinned with lively skirts. Post LFW and LFWend the city is still abuzz with trends. I spotted this wonderful skirt on the train in and was instantly taken by a beautiful, bold pattern (in sequins no less). I found it here for £50.


Tuesday On Tuesday I spied this wonderful colour block cape coat. Well, not this exact one. But one pretty similar.


Wednesday Foxes are everywhere, from rings to scarves, and even the  ceramic  feature button on the quilted jacket from Joules, an affordable alternative to Barbour for both Quilted and Waxed jackets. Quilted jackets will always be trendy in the City and this beauty from Joules I spotted on the train home this week.

joulesThursday I am starting to see the Trends of 2014 appearing. Pastels were highlighted as coming back once the neon phase ran its course and there are plenty of pastel blues, pinks and yellows around. They are being advertised as naturals too, with COACH bringing out a new range of natural bags combining lighter colours and natural materials. Combining this with the Colour Block trend COACH has brought out this shoulder bag that I have seen around the city.


Friday It was definitely a week for bag spotting and, while I wouldn’t have gone for Thursdays effort, Friday’s would definitely be something I could see myself buying. After a season or two of the largest totes you have ever seen, smaller shoulder bags are coming back. For the girls of the city it will mean continuing to carry two, sometimes three (shoulder bag, Hermes tote, and either a gym bag or lunch bag). For me, this pastel grey bag would be my choice of a smaller bag. It is available from H&M for £20 and looks like the Celine box bag.


Well, there it is. Another week of fashion spots in London. Stay chic, Londres!


@hm @Coach @Joulesclothing #wiwt #lfwend


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