Chic of the Week #2

My second chic of the week is dedicated to the Oversized Tartan Zara Scarf. Let me introduce you to my new obsession, tartan.


There’s nothing like a classic, checked print to brighten up a grey day. Zara has a variety of scarves that are all the rage amongst fashion bloggers, who have shown us why this Winter staple is a wardrobe must-have.
I love scarves and have WAY too many of them. I find scarves to be a very sophisticated and easy to wear accessory that can go with just about anything. Often times when I don’t want to bother putting on a necklace, I wear one of my scarves instead. There’s just so many ways to tie them that they can look more interesting than necklaces. If you love scarves as much as I do then you should check out the zara website,  they have an amazing selection! I was lucky enough to have recently bought one of the most “coveted” scarves in their collection and I can’t tell you how much I love this thing! It’s HUGE like a blanket! I’m a cold natured person. But with this scarf on, I was so warm. And honestly, it’s so big that I have used it as a shawl over my faux leather zara jacket.  It’s been keeping me warm and cosy since the temperature dropped and will last me well throughout this Winter and next…
This tartan scarf from Zara cost me £19.99 in the sale and has been all over Pinterest and blogosphere during the past few months, but I happily snapped it up when I spotted it in Zara at lakeside.  I don’t *usually* buy those popular items as seen on everyone but this was too nice to resist.
I decided to wear it at london fashion weekend as my statement accessory to.   They’re sold online but check the website for other scarves.
@ZARA @LFWEnd @intuLakeside

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