The K Look Book #8

Lip print Saint Laurent spring 2014

Lip print Saint Laurent spring 2014

My look book this week was inspired by this seasons must have, patterned fashion.   I was recently out one evening with some fellow fashionistas and fashionistos when I saw a girl in a lip print dress and decided I had to find it. I searched on Google for lip print dresses and there it was the exact same dress on eBay.  It transpired that it was from the limited collection range at marks and spencer. Lo and behold it had to be sold out because I wanted it! There were a handful of people selling this particular dress on ebay so I bid on the cheapest one and won it for wait for it, drum roll please for a grand total of £1.99. I couldn’t believe that a dress that was this seasons stock was selling for such a low price.
image (3)
The dress is navy and has an elasticated middle which sounds a bit old fashioned but the dress sits just right and is very fashionable. I paired it with pumps from Accessorize, the dress is made from 100% viscose and creases easily but nothing a good old iron won’t fix.  I love the floaty nature of the dress, I think it will be suitable for all seasons.  I just hope lips stay in fashion.
Dress is now sold out but get a similar one here.
And the bracelet was a birthday present
@eBay @marksandspencer @Accessorize @YSL

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