The body shape question has come up a few times with people asking me what style of dress would suit them best.  I think we can all agree that we always want what we haven’t got!!! Some people might be smaller up top and wider at the bottom half or vice versa.  It is all about recognising your shape and choosing the right capsule wardrobe!!!

 Personally the way I dress to my shape and size is always based on getting the right proportions and only going with trends that suit my shape.  We all have moments when we want something to look just like it does online or in that glossy magazine and then once hitting the changing rooms and seeing yourself in the mirror, the image of yourself in that gorgeous dress that looked soooo great on the hanger but not so on you is always going to disappoint.

 Here is my quick guide to what suits the different types of shape.  Always remember though the key to dressing to your shape is knowing what suits you and whatever feels good.   Ask the sales assistant if in doubt, they are experts in the field of fashion of course…


FLORAL DRESS I am all over floral dresses right now!! Buy now, from House of Fraser this Closet Paisley Dress. It already has a belt but why not team it with a wide belt.



THE SHIFT DRESS I love this floaty shift dress. Buy from here 



I love the colour blocking element to this dress. Buy from here 



THE SHIRT DRESS. Aimed at the taller lady.  No need to add a belt, heels or flip flops/platform flats will look amazing


Good Luck x


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