Christine Lagarde: The fashion icon at the heart of International Finance

In 2011 French financier Christine Lagarde took over the role as the head of the International Monetary Fund. In the same year, now in the forefront of the mind, and the covers of the financial press, she appeared on the Vanity Fair Best Dressed list, losing out to Carla Bruni, Carey Mulligan and Kate Middleton. A few months later she posed in Chanel Couture for Vogue.



Known as a fan of the high end Lagarde has been photographed with at least 4 Hermes Birkin Bags (in red, gold, brown and blue), the gorgeous Chanel chain tote, and a lush Louis V that, at the World Economic Forum in 2012 she held up her Louis Vuitton handbag, turned to her fellow power brokers in one session and said: “I am here, with my little bag, to collect a bit of money.”

My little bag.

My little bag.

This is a woman who knows and loves her fashion. From perfect pairings, to little touches that show you that Christine Lagarde should be a fashion icon, such as the adorable Chanel Camellia brooch.

Chanel, Hermes and LV.

Covered in Chanel and Hermes.

I think the thing I like most about Christine Lagarde is the diversity of her wardrobe. She is as comfortable in a pale yellow dress, with striking fiery orange scarf as she is in a dark grey trouser suit. Her style is her own and she sets herself apart from the other international bankers by making bold choices to pair striking accessories with plain colours, and isn’t afraid to go bright. And all the while she swings a handbag at her side, be it Louis V, Hermes or Chanel, that for most of us are a status symbol, a dream, a nice to have, but for CL they are functional. These may be some of the most sought after bags in the fashion world, and this Fashionista would gladly take any of them off her hands, but to Christine Lagarde they are just something to carry her work in. And I am quite jealous. Christine Lagarde, Head of the IMF, fashion icon The British Fashionista Salutes You.

Style galore!

Style galore!

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