Making a Statement


So when does a statement necklace become too much? Can anyone wear a statement necklace?. What outfits compliment a statement necklace? These are just a few of the questions that I am regularly asked.

The quality of the necklace is key, cheap beads are a no no, too much bling (I know I can’t believe an Essex girl is saying this) but too much bling is OTT. 

As a self-proclaimed accessory addict, it’s no surprise that I tend to follow accessory trends on Pinterest and Instagram as thoroughly as a stockbroker studies the stock market. Bold statement necklaces are continuing to stake their claim.  And the necklaces are continuing to get bigger.  Fashionista’s are tending to work there outfit around their jewellery as the centre piece rather than that gorgeous dress that they have just purchased….. 

I love a good statement necklace, the way it can instantly transform your look and make you feel pretty and add a little wow factor.  I wear statement necklaces with everything, often just adding them to a simple casual jumper or with a work dress.  


Statement necklaces often resemble the fusion of every possible piece one might own.  I must confess at first I was a little scared to wear a huge piece of jewellery around my neck.  But now I always reach for them because they add so much to an otherwise simple or basic outfit.

From the bold and the beautiful to the luxe and ladylike, the statement necklace is without a doubt a wardrobe hero, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Don’t be fooled into thinking these should only be worn at special occasions, that’s the beauty of the statement necklace – a simple jeans and tee combo is given an instant boost with the addition of just one accessory. Maximum impact for minimal effort! If you haven’t tried wearing a shirt buttoned up to the top with a statement collar, trust me you’ll get instant style points. There’s something far more edgy in dressing up the most simple of outfits with a high impact necklace, so don’t shy away from this one, it’s a trend to try.

So expect to see more sparkles (not too many at once though) as well as brighter and more subtle pastel shades than ever this spring/summer 2014 when the weather is warm and you want to show off your style, throw on an eye-catching statement necklace over a breezy maxi dress for a quick and effortless ensemble.

Celebs love wearing them as well.  My style icon Olivia Palermo looks the epitome of style and class in her oversized necklaces.


Rules and guidelines for styling statement necklaces: 

  1. This stand out piece looks best when styled with a simple outfit. Styling your go-to little black dress with various statement necklaces is a fabulous way to add a trendy twist to an old classic.
  2. Keep the rest of your jewellery simple, especially your earrings. By keeping your jewellery simple up top, you are letting the statement pieces speak for itself.
  3. If you have a larger chest, it is important to opt for shorter necklaces that don’t lie directly on your chest, unless you want to attract attention to your assets that is.
  4. When choosing a bright coloured necklace, think of the colours that you wear the most frequently and purchase a necklace that will compliment your existing wardrobe.
  5. Remember bright necklaces might be in this season but be careful not to spend too much on those “IT” necklaces which will be out of fashion before you know it.  Be careful not to purchase that lovely piece you have seen in the shop just because it is cheap.  I have made this mistake of buying lots of jewellery because it was a bargain and then ending up with masses of unworn necklaces.  Remember you can only wear one at a time.  Saying that I donate pieces that I haven’t worn for a while to charity or use my jewellery making skills to update that dated necklace #recycling.
  6. Remember your age as well – pick statement necklaces according to what suits you.  Neon might look cool on a 21 year old but possibly less so on my Mum!
  7. Store your oversized necklaces on hangers to keep them from tangling.


The new trend is layering necklaces.  Personally I think layering is too much.  Layering necklaces is one of those things that, in theory, sounds like a no brainer. In reality – especially when it comes to layering statement pieces – it doesn’t take much to go from statement-making, to disaster-in-the-making. To ensure the look comes off effortlessly chic, keep a few general rules in mind: If you’re layering necklaces of varying height, the longest necklace should be added first as the bottom layer, ending with the shortest last as the top layer. In general, keep each necklace in the same basic length family; a very short necklace can be worn with a much longer one, provided it has enough weight to hold its own. Layering necklaces also look better with daintier necklaces rather than the chunky style.

Even A listers struggle to pull of this look.

Even A listers struggle to pull of this look.

Who can wear statement necklaces

Everyone – need I say more?


Putting it all together

Statement necklaces are definitely one of my wardrobe staples, so I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you today!


Neon  and Denim


Girly and Elegant


Tribal and Plain


Basic Black and Art Deco

From the British Fashionista herself, one of my favourites from Aspire.


And, from our Los Angeles Correspondent Ellie Rivera, here is a multi-way statement necklace. A truly ingenious idea from Deskohan.



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