Valentines Day

So as valentines day is fast approaching, whether you are in a relationship or a singleton why not hint to your better half in your life or spoil yourself with my top v day gifts xxx


1. Chloe Eau De Parfum

2. Petits Bisous Kimono

3. Champers

4. Godiva Chocolates

5. ASOS Oversized clutch


And not forgetting the man (or men) in your life


1. R1 Jet Razor

2. Leather Holdall

3. Massimo Dutti shirt

4. Chanel Blue

5. Larsson and Jennings watch



@feelunique @johnlewisretail @Selfridges @Petite_Bisou @GODIVA @ASOS

@CHANEL @Harrods @massimodutti_ @LarssonJennings @ThePerfumeShop


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