LFW #5 London Fashion Week Recap on Coats


Primark, Zara, Paisie, Warehouse, River Island

It has been a fair while since I last posted a London Fashion Week post but there is a good reason: THE BRITISH WEATHER!

Sunny Days

Sunny Days

And so it became obvious that outside of umbrellas, boots and scarves (I am currently lusting after a Zara oversize Tartan scarf that is SOLD OUT everywhere) there was nothing I could see other than coats. I have seen an evolution in the coats too.

  • First there was a mixture of materials, with either side panels a different fabric that the body, or different material sleeves. The British Fashionista herself still wears her black wool coat with faux leather sleeves from Primark.


  • Next, the full sleeves turned into 2/3 or 3/4 sleeves in another fabric, much like the ever-popular ZARA Camel coat with faux leather sleeves.


  • Next, and for the start of Winter tartan appeared on the streets of London in all it’s forms, not least thanks to a certain Princess.


  • Before the chill really bit in and fur collars appeared with this tweed beauty from Warehouse as one of them. And a snip at £95.


  • And then, the evolution of fashion continues, and I think a bit too far. From what had gone before River Island combined the leather sleeves with tartan, with wool body and fur collar to create the extreme end of the fashion.


I do covet a good camel coat, but I think I prefer one without all the add-ons. Time to go shopping!


@Primark @ZARA @WareStyle @PaisieLondon @river_island


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