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That iconic check pattern is famed all around the world and the check print is classically cool. The Burberry brand despite recently losing their CEO to Harvey Nicks, big sigh have always delivered true Brit chicks as a face for their brand, cara delevinge being the latest British supermodel for Burberry’s Autumn 2013 ads. It has to be said that burberry never fail to deliver true Brits to model their truly British style. I heart Burberry.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria beckham decided to swap wearing designer clothes in the spice girls for designing the clothes herself. Now Victoria has won many designer awards. Undoubtedly she is now known as a British fashion designer treasure.  Who would have thought it?


British Style Basics

British fashion has always been acclaimed for its “fearlessness” and us Brits are famed for our individual sense of style. We’re often described as having a “thrown-on” feel to what we wear. We mix prints, patterns and styles and many girls pull this off effortlessly.

What is the British style?  

The festival look is popular year-round – think bed-head hair and vintage-style pieces. Also, as Emma Watson said in an interview, we’re governed by the weather in this country. We wear our skirts and shorts with black opaque tights, and flip flops are replaced with plimsolls.  This is how I would categorise British style, and my own personal style, too.

First Class Fashion – The Key British Pieces

Every British girl will have these items, or variations of them in their wardrobe. They cover all eventualities and can handle the British weather.

First Class Fashion

First Class Fashion

Top Row:
Bottom Row:
British Style Icons – The British Fashionistas

Emma watson


Recently voted as the iconic British beauty of the decade. The British actress, Emma watson rocks premiers in effortless chic. And her style is all her own. Her style is tailored, yet ladylike, and her daytime style is simple but eclectic.

Alexa Chung


Alexa exemplifies British style – eccentric, fun and edgy. She mixes her girly pieces with tough leather jackets and always looks utterly effortless. Her festival-chic style really demonstrates the just-threw-this-on side of British style.

Kate Moss

And what list of stylish Brits would be complete without Kate Moss….. The woman who started the skinny jeans and ballet flats trend is always effortlessly stylish, and yet her model-off-duty look is also completely wearable. She is a huge fan of mixing textures and prints.

Cara Delevingne


In 2011, Delevingne was featured in Burberry’s spring/summer 2011 campaign. Delevingne later became the face of Burberry’s spring/summer 2012 campaign. Delevingne was named by the Evening Standard as one of “London’s 1,000 Most Influential of 2011”, in the category of “Most Invited”, and as of December 2013 is ranked number 5 on‘s 50 Top Models. In 2012 she also won Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards.

Kate Middleton


In little more than a year, Kate Middleton, aka Catherine, the [Duchess of Cambridge], has become one of the biggest British style icons in living memory. Her elegant look has sparked copycat imitations the world over and created a huge boost in sales for the shops and designers whose clothes she favours.

In my experience, the most popular stores in the UK, of course, the ultra-famous Topshop, ASOSAll Saints and Primark for on-trend bargains.

British Style in 5 simple Steps

1. Layer
Invest in a few great jackets, tops and jumpers.  Scarves are always a great accessory for keeping you warm as well as stylish. Also, wear tights with everything!
2. Always be prepared for rain
It rains a lot in the UK, so always possess a cute umbrella I love and own an Orla Keily brolly.
3. Add edgy pieces to a feminine look.
Wear leather chelsea boots with a lace dress, a studded bracelet with a long floor length dress or a leather jacket over your tea dress.
4. Never look too “done.”
Keep your hair messy or your eye makeup slightly smudgy to get a real festival feel. Mix and match unexpected patterns and textures for a “I just threw this on” look.
5. Be brave and have fun!
My favourite thing about British style is that we’re not afraid to have fun with fashion. So wear bright colours instead of black, or pair loud-print pieces together instead of keeping one simple. Incorporate catwalk trends into your everyday look, and don’t be afraid to rock outlandish items with confidence.

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