Issue: Autumn/Winter 2013

Cost: FREE


The building I work in supplies FREE magazines to the staff in the lobby. Score! Not all the time. While we have occasional copies of ELLE and BRUMMEL, there are few fashion magazines on the rack each week. This week, however, I noticed a new, glossy magazine in the shape of QUINTESSENTIALLY.

Here is how they market themselves on their website:


And it is very glossy, so much so, that whilst I was working on another piece for the blog I kept stopping and sniffing the air and questioning “can I smell paint? Fresh gloss paint?” And it was the magazine. It stunk the place out.

The Content:

This is very high end and, to be honest, too high end for my liking and anyone in the office. Let me put it this way, I like bags, I like shoes, I like jewellery, I love clothes. The bag shown in this magazine, a pink Hermes effort, costs three times my annual take home salary. Think I am going to get it? Nah. It is not even that great either, despite the label.



And that is how the magazine, if you can call it that, comes across. It was all too inaccessible to the normal person. At least in Vogue, or other fashion magazines there is the chance of  owning the fashions you covet from within the glossy pages. Here, it was all pie in the sky stuff and I soon lost interest.

Oh, and re the “if you can all it that” comment. There were very few articles at all. This was an ad fest for the likes of Cartier, Clive Christian,  Tresor Paris,  Marston and Langinger, QA,  Mayo Clinic,  Romain Jerome,  Amouage,  Couture Lab,  and that was all before we got to the first article!

What I will say, is that when you can find them, the articles were actually pretty good. The reason I picked up the magazine was for the article The Business of Blogging and I liked it. The 5 rules they list, I try to adhere to…

  • Pick the right name for the blog. TICK! The British Fashionista!
  • Create the blogs unique identity. TICK! Through my repeating style books, look books, looks for less, DVD reviews, K Loves, I am creating my own blog identity.
  • Original content is essential. TICK! I take my own photos. I try to find material that I have not seen elsewhere, as well as putting my own slant on things I read or saw on other blogs or in magazines.
  • Use your own images. TICK!
  • Reach out to other bloggers and grow your blog with guest posts. TICK! With Miss Rivera in LA posting and the new invite going out to the other #fbloggers around The British will be amazing.
Sounds Advice for all bloggers out there!

Sounds Advice for all bloggers out there!

There was a nice Haute Couture article, showing the work of Ateliers. It made me think of the DVDs I have seen recently with Chanel, Valentino and Givenchy shown.

The private club!

The private club!

But to be honest there was precious little else of interest and I was very glad to throw the magazine out because it stank of chemicals.

Will I pick QUINTESSENTIALLY up again? 1. Only if there is something that is of high interest to me and 2. Only to read it in a ventilated area!

112 pages – I don’t know how many articles, maybe like 5???



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