The 2014 Wish Tree

Most years, like virtually everyone I know, I make New Years resolutions. This would take the form of a list written out long hand on a piece of paper and kept for a few days or weeks until it is, invariably, lost. This year I wanted to make something special, that I could look at every day and would help me toward those resolutions, goals, and wishes.

We all have jewellery trees, whether those shaped like a hand that you hang your necklaces and bracelets over the fingers, or perspex pipes angled like a T, with ridges on the top, and I have one of these. A metal tree with birds.

Jewellery Stand - £12.89 eBay

Jewellery Stand – £12.89 eBay

I got thinking about the idea of the list of resolutions, or wishes, or goals, or dreams, and wanted to show them in a nicer way, an inspirational way, to allow me to see my hopes, and goals, and when completed, knock them off the list. So I decided on making the 2014 Wish Tree.

First, once you have the jewellery rack or stand, you need some simple tools:

  1. Scissors
  2. A Pen
  3. Luggage tags
The basics

The basics

Next, and most tricky of all, you need to have dreams, hopes, aspirations, goals. A lot of these can be personal improvements, like working out more, or spending less money, or, in my case, the Recycle Fashion campaign, to promote the reuse of fashion. But you can also put on items you want. I would love the Chanel quilted Chain bag. It is classic, and it beautiful, and it is out of my price range unless I save up. I would also love some Valentino shoes. So on they go, written on the tags.

Write on the tags

Write on the tags

I am going to the London Fashion Weekend in February, and would love to go in September too. I would also like, now that the blog has been visited by 20 of the 28 EU countries, to finish the set. I would love a magazine mention, or even write a piece for a fashion magazine. I would love 20,000 hits in 2014. All of these things would make my year.

A totally achievable goal

A totally achievable goal

I would also like for this blog to take off. I love writing it, and would love to have more recognition of it and its content, with more fellow bloggers taking part and writing guests posts. So on they go.

Hang your dreams on the tree

Hang your dreams on the tree

And there you have it. My 2014 Wish Tree. It is a little like the New Years Resolution lists of old, but a lot prettier don’t you think?

The 2014 Wish Tree

The 2014 Wish Tree

Now go make you own!



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