Celebs In High Street

I thought I would introduce a new feature onto my blog which is celebrities in high street clothes where I show you my favourite high street picks which have been seen on some of my favourite celebrities of late!

Olivia Palermo

The Saturdays, Olivia Palermo, and not to mention my favourite of them all Kate Middleton, are doing the high street fashion world wonders with recent snaps of them rocking the latest high street bargains. With shops such as Topshop, River Island and Miss Selfridge selling a high range of day to night outfits, no wonder they are grabbing their hands on a cheeky bargain or two.


But surely celebrities, only wear expensive designer brands and uba expensive Christian Louboutins!!!! Not to mention royalty! One would think that Kate Middleton had her clothes personally made for her 24/7. But fear not, celebs are as normal as the rest of us and shop at Topshop too!  Although they get the cheeky advantage of wearing some ridiculously priced clothes, they get to wear the high street ones (like all of us normal people) and lets be honest, you can hardly tell the difference between designer and high street these days anyway!

These high street sales must be growing lately. The trend nowadays is that Kate Middleton wears her favourite dress from Reiss and within hours the dress has sold out of every store from the UK to LA. People will go to any length to own a ‘little piece’ of their favourite star. It’s not all good, however, there is a huge frustration amongst consumers whereby retailers are not prepared for the huge influx of sales, never to sell the product again and then people take advantage of selling the pieces at twice the recommended retail price on ebay.  I refer here to my earlier post on the Sharks of the Secondary Market.

There seems to have been a positive reaction from us normal people seeing Celebs wearing high street brands. The media world has a tendency to glamorize things, sometimes showing them in an unrealistic light to everyone, which is why seeing celebs in high street brands, shows that you can dress like an ‘A-Lister’ at an affordable price. Designers have started to collaborate with the high street as well.  Think Isabel Marant and H & M Lets hope that the high street continue to stock up on fab items for the celebs to keep rocking on the catwalk then!

Kim Jpeg 2

This makes it very easy for the general public to mimic the lives of celebrities.

There also seems to be a universal belief that if that celebrity is using the product, then it must be good.”The cache and credibility of having the “right” celebrities associated with brands is priceless.

The bottom line: celebrities sell. When a star wears it, uses it or promotes it, the world follows. Nothing creates more excitement and desire than the aspirational lives that celebrities lead. I confess I am of the same thought….

If us normal girls can wear exactly the same dress that famous celeb wore or use the same colour lipstick, then she is able to recreate a little bit of that perceived glamour and inspiration for herself.

In today’s competitive marketplace, a perceived celebrity endorsement can give products the instant recognition and legitimacy that would normally take years to earn. From a marketing perspective, it remains one of the best ways to build name recognition, get publicity and skyrocket sales.

How Celebrity Style is Influencing Online Shopping

Celebs: they’re just like us, even when it comes to online shopping. Not only do celebrities love to shop online and get photographed wearing the results of their spending spree, but they also are getting more involved in promoting ecommerce businesses. This has helped numerous businesses take off, boosting online sales. Collections curated from celebrities such as the Kardashians and Rhianna are now in the high street shops such as Dorothy Perkins and Lipsy.

Celebs Improving Online sales

Most of today’s hottest stars have been spotted wearing outfits from high street boutiques, from Asos to new look. High streets in particular have seen a boost in sales after celebrities like Olivia Palermo have been photographed repeatedly wearing topshop attire.

Fearne Jpeg

Celebrity Curated Websites

In addition to emulating looks that we’ve seen celebrities wearing in magazines, there are also websites specifically dedicated to celeb style.  Websites such style on screen tv is a dedicated website whereby if you see something you like on TV, send them a Tweet and they will tell you what it is & where you can buy it. Genius idea!!!!!

Reality TV such as Made in Chelsea has also influenced the way people shop. The social media mechanism has never been at its highest whereby celebs can upload their latest outfit on twitter or Instagram and promote a particular brand.   Twitter allows us to directly make contact with celebrities and ask them directly where they have bought that item we adore and if they are tuned in with their followers they very often respond.

Mollie Jpeg

This trend looks like it has lasting power!

What do you think of celebrities buying high street brands?

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