The British Fashionista Interview : Q and A

What’s your favourite fashion piece at the moment?

I have two. My favourite fashion piece is the Michael Kors studded clutch. It’s unique, studded (which is very on trend) and extra special as it’s made with luxury leather. I also adore the Valentino Rock Studded shoes but at £900 they will take some saving up for… I love high end designers as well as the high street stores.  I have a Valentino skirt which I team with a Primark jumper.  I love mix and matching high end pieces with lower end fashion.  Since starting my blog I have also found up and coming designers and boutiques which I love promoting via my blog as well.


What is your favourite fashion designer and why?

I love Victoria Beckham, I think she is such a great British fashion icon, from starting out as a spice girl to now a top fashion designer is a massive achievement.  I like her pieces very much and wish she would collaborate with a high street shop as some of her pieces are very expensive.  My nickname at work is Victoria Beckham-on-Sea which always makes me smile.


What made you decide to start your own blog?

Due to so many people loving my style I decided to set up my own blog and share my fashion ideas, inspirations and loves with people.  I am extremely overwhelmed at how successful it has become.  My friend introduced me to blogging and I was completely fascinated, spending the entire day going through the top blogs, I was hooked.  I love searching the web for clothes so why not blog about it. I really developed my own personal style over the years and so blogging was the perfect way to share how I dress as well as do posts on what projects I am working on. Blogging has really helped me share my creativity with people all over the world, I currently have hits in 39 countries which continues to grow. They are all so supportive and my readers encourage me to continue doing what I do. It keeps me going when I know that I’ve inspired someone personally.


Is it hard juggling your full time HR role with blogging?

It’s certainly not a walk in the park and involves long, unsociable hours, lots of hard work during the evenings and weekends and dedication, sleep is regularly non existent as my mind is constantly active on new post ideas/up and coming trends. You have to be one step ahead in the fashion industry.  You have to be highly self-motivated but I love my blog! Fashion is my passion, it’s what I love doing and I have ideas on new blog posts going through my head 24/7.  I love people watching and seeing how people have styled themselves.


What top tips would you give to anyone that’s thinking of starting their own blog?

I would advise to do lots of research on the subject you are looking to go in to, be prepared to work extremely long hours in the beginning and do not be disheartened if others doubt you, discourage you or do not reply to you or if you don’t get as many followers as you wanted. It’s not going to be easy in the beginning and it’s not for everyone but always have belief, stay positive. I’m always happy to help and provide advice to others if they need it.


Your blog looks very professional does it take a lot of time?

Yes it certainly does! I have spent hours on several blogs, researching the web, looking at websites and magazines before but the outcome is totally worth the hard work! I’m a perfectionist so every post has to be perfect before I publish it.


What keeps your motivated?

The fact I’m doing what I love keeps me motivated, so does seeing how happy my followers are on Instagram, Twitter, Polyvore, and of course the blog. I take pride when people say they check my blog on a regular basis.  It makes all the hard work worth it.  I have made great friends in particular my friend Ellie in LA who is my regular guest blogger. I am so grateful for all the support I get especially from across the Atlantic.  Looking back on how far I’ve come is also incredibly motivating as I started my blog from scratch by myself and it’s expanding at such as fast pace.



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