K Looks for Less #2

Looks for Less

Looks for Less

A look for winter as I look at the High End and the High Street in this week’s LOOKS FOR LESS. Start with keeping your hands warm with these wonderful signature print UGG Mittens, a snip at £115 or their High Street equivalent from Pia Rossini at £8.99. And with the saving you made there (I am £106 better off), I could splash out on the season’s favourite, the oversize coat in pink. Here there are many options and the Hobbs effort has been reduced from £239 to £164, but still the Primarni look-a-like is only £32. So I have saved myself £238 already. That is enough to buy the Chanel Quilted Lambskin card holder.



What is next?

Boots are made for walking and these beauties from KG (Kurt Geiger) are well worth the £150.Until, that is you, get your block heeled ankle boots from River Island for £65. £238 + £85 means I have saved myself £313 and how better to carry the cash than in a leather shopper. Here I could go for ZARA, the Fashionista’s go to store, and spend £90 here. Or I could go to La Moda, and get something very similar for £20.

I don’t know about you, but a saving of £383 for the same outfit sounds a look for less. And what could I get for that?

I could get this Mulberry tote. And who would blame me?



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