January Sales


Now I know Christmas hasn’t officially begun yet but the January sales will soon be upon us.  Proper bargain hunting requires precision planning……………

Everyone loves a bargain but not everyone loves being crushed in the mad rush to get a discount. So I have compiled my top five tips for taking the stress out of shopping and surviving the January sales.

Stay focused

Think about what you actually need and remember the golden rule – don’t buy it unless you love, need it or will use it. As tempting as it is to get carried away when faced with a sea of sale tags, it’s not a bargain if you don’t use it. Make a list of what you actually need and stick to it.  Remember the need versus want rule. 

Be prepared

If you’re planning on walking the length and breadth of shopping centre’s or high streets to scour for bargains, wear comfortable shoes. If you’re shopping for clothes, ditch the accessories and instead opt for clothes that are easy to change in and out of. You don’t want to waste precious bargain hunting time getting flustered in the changing room with tricky zips and unnecessary layers.

Plan ahead

Plan your route around the shops and remember that crowds increase around midday and peak again mid-afternoon, so set the alarm clock and get there early in the morning.

Check refund policies

If you don’t have time to try items on in the rush to grab a bargain, make sure you check the receipt for full details on store refund policies.

Showroom from home

Save time on the day by ‘show rooming’ items online before you hit the shops. That way you can enjoy browsing from the comfort of your home and avoid spending time elbowing your way through the crowd.

Happy Shopping.





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