The British Fashionista’s Guide to BOYZ LOOKZ #1 Eugene McGuinness

I have been asked by several readers to cover menswear, after all, we want our boys to look as good as we do, so I said WHY NOT? And will work my way through the trending gents to help shine a light on what is hot on the male catwalk today.

This is a pretty tough ask, as the GQ and Esquire lists of the top best dressed me seem to focus on celebs sighted at shows, premiers, events where they are mostly suited and booted, or tuxed up. Sure Tom Hiddlestone is dreamy, or Robert Pattinson, Ben Cumberbatch, but what do they wear when they go for a Sunday roast, or meet you for a shopping spree? While The British Fashionista does dip her toes into the high end of the clothing pool, she does like her wearable everyday fashion that we see on the streets of London.

So, to start, I looked for a suitable candidate with a decent outfit and voila! Eugene and the Lizards frontman Eugene McGuinness got my vote. Here is the photo I loved. Very street – very Shoreditch – London Cool.



And here is my attempt at getting the cool look.


The Dior Homme Four Pocket Leather Jacket is superb and, given the design dates back to the SS 2007 collection, you can pick up for a fraction of the original cost. Or, and always a good place to go, All Saints offer a wide range of styles in the £300 price bracket.

Black shirts are as timeless as white, you just need to NOT pair them with black trousers as you will look like a waiter/barman when out. With the jacket and jeans it would look super trendy. Here I have chosen a Vivienne Westwood number for £165.

The brown cords are fun, and skinny fit is in. The ones I found that look best are from Hugo Boss and available at Selfridges for £119.

Diego Vanassibara is one of the most sought after shoe designers in London. I chose his MODEL ONE shoes for Eugene’s look, even though he in Chelsea boots in the photo. Brogues are in for both boys and girls, so why not show them here? Model One is £600 a and can be bought here.


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