LFW #2 London Fashion Week


London Fashion Week

Monday Oversized Coats

Harvey Nicks

Harvey Nicks

They have been on trend for a while, and appeared on all the AW13 catwalks and in virtually every magazine. So seeing a few girls wearing them this week had to get a mention. This stunner is my personal favourite and comes from Marc Jacobs, a snip at £600 from HarveyNicks.

Tuesday Faux Fur bobble hats



People are not removing the bobbles off their hats. The boys look like school kids and the girls, well, the girls have gone one step further and combined the trending faux fur trend with the need to keep the head warm. And voila! A bobble hat with a fur bobble.

Wednesday  Black shoes with gold heels



These I have seen coming out, maybe for the Christmas party season, but here we have the great black shoe with gold metal heels. My personal choice would be for the Saysa Court Shoe by Ted Baker, and fits the bill at half price. And their Moschino equivalent are just as amazing.

Thursday Fox rings

This was a strange one. I was on the train and noticed a cool girl wearing a large gold ring with a fox head on it. Next day, different girl, different ring, but again with a fox. There is something foxy going on here, and I need in on it. Here is the offering from ever-popular vendor Not on the Hight Street.

Friday Cape coat



I think I bought my first cape coat in 2008. And this fashion resurfaces every few years around this time. Comfortable and practical and available from anyone from Dorothy Perkins to my fave shop ASOS, who sell this cape coat from Mango with a military twist.

@HarveyNichols @ASOS @MarcJacobsIntl @notonthehighst


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