Giving the Gift of Fashion



This story has gone viral since the Fall and I picked up on it in a copy of Today when at a hotel recently. I then went online to read more about it and the story touched me. New York entrepreneur Ashley Jeanne Grenata inherited her dear Grandmother’s scarf collection and was told by her mom that her Gramma was a cancer survivor too. Ashley then came up with the idea for a crowd funding project. She would raise funds by selling her scarves, and for each $50 she sells she will make a scarf for a woman going through chemotherapy at Brooklyn Hospital. It is the “buy one and we give one away” model.

Here is a link to the crowd funding project at Indie-Go-Go.

Empowering and inspirational

Empowering and inspirational

It is like Grenata says in the video. “I saw after she passed away that she had been a cancer survivor and I never knew anything about that. Then I thought it would be really interesting to give people who are going through chemotherapy something to help them power through that treatment.” What an amazing idea. Pin it on Pinterest, Tweet it, blog it, but buy the scarves and give the gift of fashion to women who need to feel powerful and beautiful again when at their most vulnerable.

I'll be wearing one soon

I’ll be wearing one soon

Ashley Grenata is working with the American Cancer Society and the Brooklyn Hospital outreach program with a $25,000 goal. From there her charity work will expand. She continues “I would love to be able to give a scarf to every person diagnosed with cancer facing chemotherapy, so eventually if it could go wider that would be amazing.” I agree.

Ashley’s video can be seen on Vimeo.

Ashley Jeanne : Empowering cancer patients throughout treatment from Ashley Jeanne Granata on Vimeo.


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