I love Look Magazine. I read it all the time. It is my favourite publication.


For those of you not in the know, Look Magazine is the third most popular of it’s kind in the UK. It had an estimated readership of 523,000 last year alone, with 2013 looking for an increase. It has celebrity goss, but mostly fashion trends. So imagine my excitement when I saw this headline.

Buy This Season’s Hottest Clutch For Just £1 At La Moda

So of course I checked the La Moda website, loved it, tweeted it, receiving a reply.


And I did love the bag. There were 5, penny-beige, penny-brown, penny-black, penny-purple and my favourite, penny-red, the one from the article.

Penny Red

Penny Red

So on the 26th November they would sell the bags for a £1 a go, plus £3 shipping per order. Seemed simple, I would maybe get all five, I thought, and keep them all. And this is where the nightmare started for both me, and La Moda.

When logging on on the 26th November in the morning, when you could finally get the website to refresh (as the Add to cart button took an age to appear) and could actually add the bags, and I did try for one of each colour, into your cart to buy them the website told you that…

 Insufficient Quantity to Complete Your Order (or something along those lines), please amend the highlighted items

There was no highlighting but instead three * next to each of the bag descriptions, so Penny Red***. I only wanted one of each but would have settled for just the one, so deleted the others from my cart and was then informed by the system that my cart was in an…

Invalid Status

And it didn’t matter how many I added or took away.

I took to Twitter to try to find out what was going on, and on there, I was shocked to see that some people were talking about the site allowing you to buy 40 of each bag! La Moda countered by telling people it was occurring when they did multiple orders, so I tried to add just one, just the red one despite some trying for 40 (allegedly), although the article didn’t mention limits at all. It was a bit of a mess, so much so that soon enough the ordering page was taken down and this put up in it’s place.

Not fun!

Not fun!

Today, the 27th the sign is still up, despite promises on the 26th from La Moda that the bags would be released the next day and that the orders will be limited to one per bag per customer (something I think is hideously unfair if some people got dozens). I only wanted the red one. And in Twitter they mention they will put some up tomorrow. I ask, what is the point? If the bulk buyers were real (and will resell for huge profits) they are gonna flood the system again. Or, if not, there’ll be too many people like me trying to get something they read about and wanted and the server will just curl up again and die.

To be honest La Moda were quite naive. So, even without adding that maybe only one per customer is FAIR, with the half a million potential customers based on the Look Magazine readership, let alone the twitter presence, and bulk buyers, there was a chance that the web server of the small Manchester based outfit was going to get hammered.

I have already given up on getting the bag, wish I hadn’t bothered writing such a nice review of the website and said nice things in Twitter, and am expecting those who flooded La Moda with their orders to start selling them for a massive profit on eBay any day now, after all, for £1 a bag and £3 total shipping, it will almost be pure profit.


And finally, because I have totally given up on them. I logged on today and was excited to see the pink dot gone. I logged on, I tried the red (unavailable), I tried black (same), Brown (same), purple (same) but beige was there, along with the caveat that they limited you to only one per person. I added one, pressed checkout and…

Insufficient quantity…


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