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Googling top 10 fashion blogs in the UK will give you a different list every time. I thought I would look at the top 10 of Google, and the magazine and newspapers, starting this week with the top 10 must- read fashion blogs according to the Telegraph. In no particular order:

And I thought to myself “if the internet and press cannot even agree on what are the top fashion blogs to read, are those blogs even spotting the same trends?” So here was my plan: I would look at the top 10 fashion blogs for the last month and see if they picked the same trends or if they all went their separate ways on things. After all, fashion can be defined as the popular and latest style of clothing, and if they aren’t picking the trends, they are not identifying the fashion movement.

 Here is what they come up with for November 2013. authored by Anna Dello Russo, the editor-at-large at Japanese Vogue. She has recently collaborated on an accessories collection for H&M. 

  1. Karl Lagerfeld’s movie The Return
  2. Charity Jumpers
  3. The Dior Exhibition in Paris
  4. Chinese Vogue
  5. Katy Perry
Burberry Charity Jumper

Burberry Charity Jumper

Verdict: Very glitzy, very chi-chi and a lot of high end that jumps between style, fashion and media. authored by Yvan Rodic, a former advertising copywriter. His blog was one of the first to capture street style. He has since published a book, exhibited his photographs, created advertising campaigns and directed fashion films. 



  1. Street fashion in Barcelona, and by street fashion, just pictures of pretty people in the local fashion.
  2. Same in Reykjavic
  3. Ditto in Berlin
  4. And Milan
  5. Modusman shirts

Verdict: Came over as an excuse to chat up and photo girls around the world. authored by Leandra Medine, a New York-based journalist. Since starting her blog she has collaborated on films with the designer Michael Kors and Simon Doonan, creative ambassador at large at Barneys in New York. She has just secured a book deal. 

  1. Big prints
  2. How to dress for a date
  3. Colourful Coats
  4. Travel bags
  5. Jazzing it up with bling
Date Night

Date Night

Verdict: Really liked it, sarcastic American writing but in the end mixing up trends and events, advice and lots of good stuff.  authored by Ari Seth Cohen,  a freelance photographer and writer in New York. His book, Advanced Style, was published this year and a documentary film is in the works.

Advanced Style

Advanced Style

  1. Some old people wearing clothes that do not suit them.
  2. More old people wearing garishly coloured clothes in California.
  3. Old people reading the paper or phone in clothes.

Verdict: Old people wearing clothes is a good thing, but am not sure I want to read about it, even if it did appear on the BBC. Sorry. , written by Kevin Ma, a blogger who lives in Hong Kong and formerly worked in the financial sector. In 2005 he launched Hypebeast as a forum for his love of trainers and street style.

  1. Rap videos
  2. Skate videos
  3. Stussy street look book
  4. The return of Logo culture in NYC
  5. Barneys and Jay Z combining to make embroidered boxer shorts
Stussy Winter Fashion

Stussy Winter Fashion

Verdict: It is all a bit “boy” and all a bit noisy. There is a lot on Reebok Classics, Bathing Ape and baggy jeans that never reach as high as the waistline. written by Shini Park, a graphic design graduate from London. The success of her blog has led to contributions for Brazilian Vogue and as well as collaborations with the brands Guerlain and Patrizia Pepe. 

  1. The Prada Store Christmas window display and store displays.
  2. Petit H. The new Hermes sustainable brand made from recycled materials.
  3. A whole outfit (see below) like the K Look Book.
  4. Mango DIY workshops.


Verdict: Too much to adore about this blog. The blogger has a great style of her own. She is clearly out there on the streets of London, showing off her style. Great articles on combining looks, attending classes, and high end as well as street fashion.

I absolutely adored their weekly wishlist, a carousel showing all Shini’s wants. This week: Acne Oversized lambswool scarf, Saint Laurent sac du jour, BLK DNM skinny fit jeans, Kurt Geiger Stage boots, Dior incognito nail varnish and an oversized Marc Jacobs wool coat. All very very dreamy. Phil Oh created ‘failed internet start-ups’ and published a chick-lit novel before he started his photographic street-style blog. He now contributes to American and works on advertising campaigns. 

  1. Celine Chinatown plaid (tartan).
  2. Pineapples.
  3. Burberry hearts! Hold on! Didn’t I post that yesterday? LOL
  4. Furry bags
Burberry Hearts (again)

Burberry Hearts (again)

Verdict: Not much writing. A lot of pictures. Rather than the street fashion of Facehunter, Street Peeper is looking at fashion, going to photo shoots, fashion week. It is high end. It is trends. I loved it. written by partnership Anna Murray, a textile designer and Grace Winteringham a former art director who together run their creative consultancy. 

  1. Patternity and Pretty Polly geometric patterned tights.
  2. Researching patterns at the British Museum
  3. Cracked patterns.
  4. Collaboration with ethical knitwear designers Chinti + Parker on Geometric patterns.


Verdict: Not really a fashion blog as much as a blog dedicated to the promotion of shapes, forms and patterns in anything. The more fashion related articles I liked, the knitwear and tights, but the rest was interesting but not really my thing.  Fred Butler started out as an accessories and set designer. In 2008 she launched her first womenswear collection at London Fashion Week.

  1. The Isabella Blow exhibition at Somerset House.
  2. Sample sale at Stunt Dolly
  3. Framed in Print. Exhibition on Dutch photography in magazines.
  4. The opening of the ice skating rink at Somerset House.
  5. Pop Art at the Barbican.
Isabella Blow

Isabella Blow

Verdict: More design and Fred’s interest in art than fashion. It was nice to see Somerset house get a mention. It was all too random for me though. Launched six years ago by Michelle Haswell and Marie Thomson, Kingdom of Style is the leading fashion blog to come out of Scotland. 

  1. Mannequin Christmas Trees
  2. Real lingerie on Etsy.
  3. Topshop’s fake band The Cherrys
  4. Berlin designers Julia and Ben
Kingdom of Style

Kingdom of Style

Verdict: A nice mix of funny and functional. I liked the piece on lingerie with is introduction “tsy can be a terrifying place to look for lingerie. You need to sift through an abundance of shops selling cheeseball underwear ‘modelled’ by fake boobed, fake tanned crazies; shops where a string of diamantes somehow constitutes a pair of knickers. However, it’s worth enduring the lo-rent Anne Summers nonsense because hidden among it are some little lingerie gems.”

In summary then

The Telegraph list was a lot hit and miss. Would I look at the 10? I really did like Manrepeller, Parkandcube, Streetpeeper and Kingdom of Style. Between them they had a lot of interesting articles, or articles interesting to me. There was a lot of good fashion advice and knowledge but very little crossover. I had some with all of them, most notably the Burberry hearts but there should be more in common, surely?

Next time? I will look at 10 fashionista blogs of those who follow this blog – so probably those in the Keely’s People section.



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