Hello, My Name is Paul Smith

“Hello, My Name is Paul Smith”

An Exhibition at the Design Museum, Shad Thames, London


The Design Museum – Shad Thames

This weekend I ventured into London to attend the “Hello, my name is Paul Smith” exhibition at the Design Museum on the south side of the rive by Tower bridge.

The exhibition pays homage to Paul Smith and his 30 years in the fashion business, starting from a tiny shop in Nottingham, where he made only few things to start with. The first exhibit being a mock up of his first shop, that was only 12 foot square, when he was 24. It follows his inspirational career, with his life story – he was a racing cyclist but, after an accident that ended his racing career, and how his friends got him interested in fashion.

His wife, a tutor at the local college, then inspired him and you hear the great man’s thoughts on fashion before seeing a mockup of his office, and his work area.


The Workspace

My favourite part was the mannequins showing Paul Smith’s work through his career and I should have spent more time there, as the exhibition wasn’t all that big.


Paul Smith Through the Ages

The exhibition does includes several collaborations including the old school (and there is no school like the old school) Roberts Radio and the ever-popular Mini in his iconic bright stripes.


The Paul Smith Mini

With my all-time favourite Paul Smith dress as the high point, before a 3 minute video showing a day in the life of a catwalk fashion show.


The British Dress

I did love it. It was something different. I love the magazines, the websites, and the stores.  But I think you need to remember where the fashion designers came from, and how they build their legacy, like the Valentino DVD I reviewed a fortnight ago. To be a great, they do not appear and become great overnight.


Me and the dummies


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