This is a little bit of fun that illustrates how fashion can transcend language. While registering at my new doctor’s surgery (I’ve just moved to the fashion capital of Essex), after skimming through Glamour, and finding half the pages ripped out, Heat and Grazia, I found a copy of this strange, Chinese? language magazine. Now, I do not speak any other language but the words “coat” and “rich colours of autumn” jumped out at me, along with the model on the cover in the current in-style colour of “oxblood”, a highly desirable statement necklace, and classic Chanel quilted bag. If this mag was English I would have been “on it, like a car bonnet” and be subscribing from my Blackberry as I waited to see the nurse. I could have left it, but a real fashionista only cares about the pictures anyway, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Okay, so first recognisable advert was for my absolute fave online jewellery shop Boodles. I love this site, so if Mr Right is out there, look on here for my engagement ring.

phone 760

Love it!

And the first style book page, the “rich colours of autumn” promised on the cover was really high end.

phone 761

Rich Colours of Autumn

We are talking Valentino purse and shoes, Dior pearls, Giorgio Armani dress and Penhaligon’s perfume. Serious fashionista points there, although I am not a fan of the dress and it’s aged “wedding veil” look, a look I think of as Miss Haversham, or Corpse Bride.

Next we are pushed into winter and, like all good fashionistas, I recognise the transition from oxblood and leathers of autumn, to the black and white bold prints of winter. You read that?



And again, high end and gorgeous.

phone 762


Empirio Armani monochrome snake skin bag Dior Lady De Dior art deco watch, Carnet earrings.

A really interesting article (I am guessing from the pictures) follows next and we are treated to the coats for this Winter. So, fashion essentials will be, the oversized coat, the cape coat, and the classic belted coat. We see resurrected styles brought back by Viviene Westwood, Celine, and my personal fave Emilio Pucci.

phone 763

They are so fluffy! I want them all.

Then we have “Boots for Mods”. The only words on the page being the title and then the designers names.  We are taken through a journey and the landscape is a blend of high heeled knee highs, and wedge heeled short boots courtesy of Gucci (dribble), Robert Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Emilio Pucci (drool) and Givenchy.

I didn’t like the centre pages. They were dedicated to a couple of Asian models and it was a little too HK gangster moll for my liking, with shiny trouser suits in bright orange and magenta and it was all lost on me other than a delicious Escada handbag and shoe pairing that raised my Pinterest.

phone 759

I loved the catwalk double pagers, but the Chinese words made my head hurt so I skimmed the last few pages of advertisements for expensive watches and chic London boutique hotels. I even skipped the article on brilliant London goldsmith Lilly Hastedt

phone 764


 RATING: A and it would have been an A+ if I had been able to read any of it other than the titles. So, if there are any Chinese speaking  fashionistas following this blog that can tell me what this magazine is called in English, pretty please?



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