Designer v High Street

For most of us the beautiful and unobtainable fashion of couture is reserved only for our admiration in the glossy pages of fashion magazines. So where do we go for the next best thing closest to these designer originals? Our trusted high-streets of course!

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What is Couture?

In order to fully appreciate the process of couture to high-street fashion, an understanding of the term couture needs to first be made.

Of late, the loose usage of the term has come about as an overall reference to fashion houses that produce both haute couture and prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) collections, as well as those that only focus on prêt-à-porter collections (in France you have to officially be named as a haute couture house to carry it in your title).

Ted Lapidus: Fashion designer who brought haute couture to the high street. In 1963 he presented his first fashion collection in Paris. No sooner had he joined the prestigious club that controls the Parisian designer sector, La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, than the ever-unpredictable Lapidus scandalised the elite of the fashion world by opening a mass-market boutique within the Belle Jardinière department store.

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 High Street

More and more celebrities and fashionistas are flocking to the high street to snap up a gorgeous bargain. Although they can afford to fill their wardrobes with Gucci handbags, Prada sunglasses and Chanel dresses, they choose to make space for high street brands including French ConnectionWarehouse and Zara, of course. Beady-eyed fashion bloggers and magazines love to tell us when our favourite Hollywood starlet has been seen sporting high street fashion. In fact. has an entire gallery devoted to famous faces rocking High street clothes and accessories. From Kate Middleton and Taylor Swift to Eva Longoria, it seems that High street labels are not only fit for everyday girls, but also A-list actresses, models and singers too.  The likes of the Made in Chelsea girls has also upped the anti with high street fashion, Millie Mackintosh’s style diary is great for high street buys.

Mix and Match?

Why not copy the celebs, and mix and match designer labels with your high street pieces and cute vintage finds? A Topshop dress can look fantastic when paired with some stunning Louboutin heels, or if you can match your Burberry dress with a striking Zara jacket. High street clothes are cheaper than couture pieces; it’s a fact of life. With some clever spending, you could even restock your entire wardrobe with high street fashion for the price of one Louis Vuitton handbag. Splurge on classic statement pieces; save on edgy, high trend fashion!!

If you buy designer, then the cost spread out over all those years makes it seem pretty reasonable.  But unless you can predict the future of fashion, be careful what you buy. Invest in classic pieces, like a tailored jacket that flatters your figure perfectly, or handbags in colours that you can match with everything. Steer clear of prints and on-trend cuts and styles – there’s a risk that these will only see you through the season before they go out of style again and are relegated to the back of your wardrobe for the next ten years.

If you want to buy some edgier, high trend clothes, why not hit the high street? High street labels won’t give your credit card such a beating, but they will always keep you looking modern and stylish!



 Black and Nude Evening style: Designer (£1,629) vs. High street (£122) cleverly created by ASOS



So there you have it a few alternatives to some amazing designer pieces at prices that are everyday affordable, just about, all from the high street and online.

Considering all the designer vs high street copies it’s also great to turn a page in my glossy magazine or read an article online about celebrities wearing clothes we can all get our hands on!

It’s especially even better when its your favourite celeb wearing the latest fashion’s from the likes of and

Celebs rocking high street, like Millie mackintosh wearing this misguided dress. Millie’s style diary is definitely one to follow.

Copy this gorgeous AW13 Burberry look from A wear and George at Asda and even better you can get the whole outfit for under £65, saving you ££££’s!


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