Revenge of the Giant Tote




Something huge is coming this way, can you hear it? It is a giant, a monster and it is going to take over the world. I am referring to the huge Madewell Transport Tote, a bag so large that two fashionistas walking in opposite directions up the freezer aisle of Trader Joes both carrying one over their shoulder would create a traffic jam (and force one of the sistas to back the Hell up). This could fill a Metro car. It could hold a side of ham with all the trimmings.

It is sold as a ‘stuff it all in and go bag’with dimensions not too far off my first apartment after college, it is 13 ¾ inches by 17″ by 6″ which, going back to college for my math here, is… Umm, somehow I worked that out as 116 square foot, which cannot be right but you get the gist. This is the kind of bag you could lose stuff in. You know it’s in there somewhere, and you could climb in to find it.


Madewell, for those who do not know, it a branding of J Crew with the name coming from a 1937 denim outfit long since dead and they make great quality clothes and accessories.

For me? What I like about this bag is it’s simple in design, there is no logo, and therefore it needs to get by on looks alone. It is a hardy leather (in simple black and simple brown) and looks like the sort of bag you could have brought back from vacationing in one of those countries where they have a bazaar with stalls selling curly toed slippers all smelling of that lovely leather.


All this for $170? It’s a scream, baby!


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